These are some videohaiku I produced out of a monthly workshop with Echo Park Film Center. I stumbled across this cool little workshop while researching video poetry for a paper. In this workshop, the form is wide open. Many of us newbies are beginning with the 5 – 7 – 5 form, but there are no rules. Plus, we are working with sound, image, and timing to create an experience of the haiku. These are my very tentative experiments with this hybrid form.

Videohaiku | Drift Drift

Videohaiku | Rain/Storm

VideoHaiku | Liminal Life #1

Watch my videohaku, Liminal Life 1, on Thrush Poetry Journal, November 2011 issue. (Thank you, Thrush <3 )

Be sure to check out all the poetry on Thrush. It’s a terrific publication. So happy to be included. 🙂

Videohaiku | Turn Turn Eclipse

VideoHaiku | Hot Hot Hot

VideoHaiku | Waves Flag 1



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